Polymer Additives

Phosphorus and bromine-based flame retardants, plasticizers and phosphorus and bromine derivatives – the Polymer Additives business unit has a wide range of duties. And highly specialized at the same time.

Due to their high efficiency, brominated flame retardants are frequently used in the construction and electronics industries.

In addition to highly efficient flame retardancy, the phosphorus-based flame retardants Disflamoll® and Reofos® offer further advantages such as easier processability of the polymers and improved flexibility of the finished parts they are used to make. Under the brand names Armgard®, Levagard®, Disflamoll®, and Reofos®, the business unit offers a broad range of products for a variety of polymers including PU and PVC systems. These are used in the manufacture of flame-retardant articles – including insulation, cables, printed circuit boards, foils, tarpaulins, floor coverings and seats.

The business unit is globally positioned and has production facilities as well as sales and customer service organizations in all regions of the world. Proximity to the customer enables intensive cooperation. New products and solutions are constantly being developed – tailored to the individual needs of our customers.

The high-quality additives and finishing chemicals of the Polymer Additives business unit improve the processability of polymers. In addition, they change the properties of the various end products depending on the range of applications and customer requirements.


Main brands and products


  • Addocat® catalysts, Addolink® crosslinkers , Addovate® stabilizers - for the production of rigid and flexible polyurethane foams
  • Addonyl® - additives and catalysts for cast polyamides
  • Adimoll®, Mesamoll®, Triacetin, Ultramoll®, Unimoll®, Uniplex - special plasticizers for polymer processing,
  • Amgard®, Disflamoll®, Levagard®, Reofos® - phosphorus-based flame retardants
  • Mersolat® - polymerization emulsifier
  • Stabaxol® - hydrolysis stabilizers


Solutions for water treatment and products for the manufacture of agricultural products complete the product portfolio: Bayhibit®, phosphonates for water treatment and Baypure®, biodegradable dispersants and complexing agents.

Phosphorus chlorides and phosphorus oxides are raw materials for chemical synthesis. They are used in the production of flame retardants, pesticide ingredients, and active pharmaceutical ingredients.


Leading in brominated substances

Bromine – and also the bromine-based intermediates – serve as building blocks for the production of highly complex molecules that meet specific performance and quality requirements. They are used in numerous applications. These include flame retardants, oil production, agrochemicals, pharmaceuticals, fine chemicals, butyl rubber, polymers, and biocides.

With Polymer Additives, LANXESS is one of the world’s leading manufacturers of bromine, bromine intermediates, and brominated flame retardants. As a major global supplier of bromine and bromine derivatives, the business unit also has access to large concentrated bromine reserves. In addition, it continuously invests in its bromine production facilities and in its container tank fleet.


More information on our product segments


Bromine and hydrobromic acid


Bromine and hydrobromic acid are precursors for flame retardants, agrochemicals, fine chemicals, dyes, pharmaceuticals, high-performance rubbers, PTA, mercury control, plasma etching, and biocides.


Alkyl bromides


Alkyl bromides are precursors and additives for surfactants, biocides, specialty intermediates, viscosity modifiers, fine chemicals, agrochemicals, biocides, fumigants, pharmaceuticals, and scavengers for lead in gasoline.

Key brands:

  • Meth-O-Gas® – fumigation products
  • Terr-O-Gas® – fumigation products



Inorganic bromides

Inorganic bromides are precursors and additives for photography, food preservation, road treatment, refrigeration blends, high-performance rubber, mercury control, fine chemicals, and process fluids for oil and gas production.

Key brands:

  • GeoBrom® – products for the reduction of mercury emissions (mercury control)


Brominated flame retardants

Flame retardants for electronics and electrical engineering, construction industry, and special textile coatings.

Key brands:

  • Emerald Innovation™ – flame-retardant solutions with improved sustainability
  • Firemaster® – flame-retardant solutions for electronics and construction industry


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